indust_REAL EVOL_ution

An electronic media opera in collaboration with drog_A_tek


indust_REAL EVOLUtion” is a performance about a man in trouble times.


A man is on stage. The stage is separated into various rooms. Each room contains various pieces of furniture, various objects, along with the presence of individuals. Each room is a period in his life; each room is a history of this man, a history of mankind. The periods of this man’s life are seen through the objects he has collected in the rooms and the presence of other persons that form part of himself. This man on stage is moving through the rooms that reflect both his desire for the knowledge of his future and the struggle in remembering his past. This is a journey into a man’s personal evolution, into mankind’s social evolution and the possible discovery of what it is in him, what it is in society that is real_love and real_evol.


The Erasers and drog_A_tek use an alternate way of presenting this piece that differentiates the performance from classic opera and other forms of gesamtkutswerk.




indust_REAL EVOLUtion” is a performance that was premiered in Athens, Greece 2008 at Greek Festival Festival