A real time collaborative experiment by the Erasers and guests

Intermediated is a 3-day workshop during which audiences and invited artists from various fields are able to collaborate spontaneously producing instant audiovisual material.

The workshop revolves around a modular open-access studio equipped with tools ranging from dot-matrix printers, hand-held cameras and touch-screen devices to contact mics and custom-built sound toys. The studio is divided into three main units: Audio, Video and Graphics. Each unit is occupied by artists comfortable in that field encouraging and coordinating audience participation.


Intermediated travels from city to city around the world, gathering materials and experiences. These are documented, archived, uploaded and made publicly available connecting people on a global scale.


Participating artists and audiences work solely using the tools and consumables available during the workshop and nothing is prepared beforehand.

All work is projected on a large screen, mixed on the spot, and broadcast live on the internet. Printed work appears in a neighboring exhibition area as the workshop progresses.

Driven by a our own desire to break from the socially confined stereotypes of how art is produced and appreciated, two main outcomes of the intermediated concept are:


(a) intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation within and across the dominant fields of contemporary art, and


(b) unconstrained interaction among artists and members of the audience. Audiences are as much part of the creative process as the artists themselves.


The overall idea of open collaboration is supplemented by notions of spontaneity and mobility. Spontaneity is fundamental as it encapsulates the essence of artistic creation in its purest form, whereas mobility allows for networking cultures as well as individuals.

Gradually, the materials collected on each rendition of the workshop will form the basis for a virtual museum.


Intermediated” has been presented at Mapping Festival 2010, Geneva, Switzerland