A visual manifesto in real time


Manifesto is the  Erasers’ latest work which uses manifestos, a series of live art actions and re-makes of films from the past as its raw material. A journey through civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights which outlines the most crucial themes of our days.


Manifesto is a non linear narrative of people, ideas and situations. The Erasers physically participate in the performance: they sit, run, carry objects around, play music, peel, sweat, record and play back. Some of them hold cameras in their hands. Real time cinematics is the tool towards the creation of an instant user manual. Live cameras watch over the separate areas of the performance space and orchestrate the creation of reality. Manifesto is re-enacted in real time in multiple synchronic pieces of action.




“Manifesto” was presented at Newtopia, Mechelen, Belgium, 2012; Mapping festival, Geneva, Switzerland, 2012