Repulsion × 6

A fragmented, non linear movie


The Erasers present “Repulsion X 6”  Inspired from the 1965 Roman Polanski film, the audiovisual performance offers a multi-centred non-linear and fragmented approach to the original film and is open to an in situ viewing and interpretation.


“Repulsion X 6” was premiered in Athens in March 20011 at El culture and it was performed simultaneously in six rooms across the very same apartment. Six monitors were placed in the center of the living room of the apartment thus creating a panopticon from which the spectators could view all areas/rooms and interpretations. Each room had a director filming in real time a female performer.


Live cameras watch over the separate areas of the performance space and orchestrate the creation of reality.The (Old) Repulsion is re-enacted in real time in multiple synchronic pieces of action.


The (Old) Repulsion is no longer flexible; it is merely the backup/ the hardware. The (New) Repulsion is the abstract manual/ the software: it can be used/seen/experienced in different ways to produce different end products.


Avoid trying to see EVERYTHING during the (New) Repulsion. Sitting in the control room won’t let you be immersed in the spectacle. It is in the performance areas where the instructions for the production of reality are being given.


After the performance, the (New) Repulsion no longer exists.


“Repulsion X 6”  is a performance in a series of erased films that the Erasers will perform in the near future.




Repulsion X 6” was premiered in Athens in April 2011 at El Culture, Athens, Greece.