Road to Knowhere

Road to Knowhere” is an outdoor (public space) performance that was premiered in Geneva, Switzerland 2011 at Mapping Festival and describes a road trip through Europe (past – present – future).

Τhe Erasers public space performance is based on a very limiting and yet ultimately explosive staging. Α single car in a parking lot with two passengers. Each of them has a camera, a gun, a six pack of beers, post cards, sleeping bags and the past, present and future history of Europe. The static car travels through and explores the relationship between politics, power and buildings (urban landscapes) in three central cities, Rome, Paris and Berlin.

The Eiffel Tower, May 68, Haussmann’s renovation of Paris, Guy Debord and the Situationists, the Vichy state, Jean Luc Godard and the nouvelle vague, the Bastille, the Louvre, Silvio Berlusconi and Benito Mussolini, Nino Rota, Pier Paolo Pasolini, the fontana di trevi, the Colosseum, Federico Fellini, the Reichstadt, the television tower of Berlin, the east and the west Berlin, the Deutsche bank building, Adolf Hitler and the Rote Army Fraction. Facts, buildings, situations, pictures, sounds, songs and people who shaped the history, the cities and the world passing front of the two road trip passengers and through our eyes in one barrage of information, images and sounds.


What is left to see and hear among the scraps of metal and memories?

Another team opposite the car is editing live the actions that are filmed inside the car and then projecting these filmed images onto the screen behind the car.

Road to Knowhere”  premiered in May 2011 in Geneva in Mapping Festival.