The Wave

An audiovisual narrative


The Wave”  is an expanded theatre piece – a live film on stage. Its basic narrative is based on the journey of a “man” located in a state of permanent transfer. It was premiered at Athens Festival, 2009, Athens, Greece.


The Erasers performance of “The Wave”  is based on narratives that have been structured so as to re-present the basic materials (documentary narratives) that connect various forms of social exclusion. This attempt is based on an open narrative structure that moves between realism and abstraction, between the political and the personal with the belief that the I, in this «landscape» is the collective I (eye). It is a journey through borders, identities and geographical space which outlines a community of “non citizens” in search of the “imaginary state” that will allow them to settle down. “The Wave”  is a narrative of homelands that are endlessly on the move.


The scenography is composed of two materials. Packaging paper and large packaging boxes. The floor of the stage is covered with a layer of packaging paper while the packaging boxes are arranged in such a way as to create an X shape on the stage. Inside this X shaped labyrinth a second performer exists as a double of the first. The images and actions of both performers are filmed and projected in real time in one large screen with the use of robotic cameras but also through a very visible on-stage documentary camera operator.




The Wave” was premiered in Athens, Greece in June 2009 at Athens Festival, Athens, Greece.