War is war

An audiovisual warzone in real time


The Erasers present “War is War”. It is loosely based on Le’ Clezios’ book entitled “WAR”. The performance deals with the specific actions of war but also metaphorically in areas such as word war (commercial propaganda), image war (visual consumption), bio war (the manipulation of the human body by/ through technology) and is open to different interpretations.


The stage is divided into two areas. One very long table with audio-visual equipment and three performers facing the three screens. The three performers are actually editing live and producing the music score of the performance. The second area is another very long table with props, graphic design materials, magnifying lenses, telephones, etc with three other performers facing the audience. They are equipped with handheld cameras and are filming in real time the action taking place on the table and around it.




War is War” was premiered in Geneva in May 2009 at Mapping Festival and has been presented between 2009-2011 at Vision’r festival, Paris, France; Hybrides festival, Montpellier, France; NO CENTRAL, Athens, Greece; FAD Festival, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.